The Banshee: Myths and novel

Hey everyone! It’s me and I am back with another book for you guys, My Soul to Take, which goes with the myths of a Banshee.

What is a Banshee?

A Banshee is called many things and goes by many names, which include a female fairy, Woman of Peace, Lady of Death, the Angel of Death, the White Lady of Sorrow, the Nymph of the Air, or the Spirit of the Air. A Banshee is a disembodied spirit, a ghost, in other words. Some Irish people  believe that the souls of the dead do not get taken from this earth, but dwell here, and are often tied here. They either enjoy the happiness of a life well lived, or if during their life, they lived a life of sin, they were forced to suffer punishment.  The spirits of the bad are restrained, forced to pay for their sins in areas near where these sins were committed. Banshees are believed to follow the family, either with good intent or bad, until every last descendant has died and been buried. It is said that the cry/scream of the Banshee is wrenching and means death for anyone who hears it. Not everyone can see or hear a Banshee, it’s only the people who are tied with it through family ties, sinful ties or vengeful ties.

Irish Myths and Legends

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    Irish Myths and Legends taken from W.B Yeats and written by Lady Gregory was published in 1998 by the Running Press Book Publishers

  • This book retells the myths and legends of the ancient Celts and reveals the roots of Ireland’s literary tradition.
  • It includes the original introduction by William Butler Yeats and author’s endnotes, as well as an index of characters and a pronunciation key to Gaelic names and locations.
  • The book talked about a variety of different things like beliefs, religion, and figures like fairies, ghosts, banshees, leprechauns.

This book was written by:

Lady Gregory

  • This book was written by Isabella Augusta, also known as Lady Gregory. She was an Irish dramatist, folklorist and theater manager.  She co-founded the Irish Literary Theater and the Abbey Theater, and wrote numerous short works for both companies. Wrote a number of books of retellings of stories taken from Irish mythology, including some poems as well. Many of her writings were based on political struggles, myths or affairs in Ireland during her time

William Butler Yeats

  • William Butler was an Irish poet, dramatist and prose writer born in 1865. He had a passion for Irish folktales ever since he was young and as he got older he started to study more and more about it He won a Nobel Prize in Literature

for his always inspired poetry, which in a highly artistic form gives expression to the spirit of a whole nation“.

The novel that goes with this myth is “My Soul to Take”

My Soul To Take

  • My soul to take is a fantasy book by Rachel Vincent

  • It’s the first book of soul screamers with Kaylee Cavanough as the main character.

kaylee senses when someone’s about to die and something forces her to scream. She thought she was crazy until a boy named Nash tells her about her being a banshee and her ancestry. She just wants to have a normal high school experience but when classmates start dying for no reason, kaylee is forced to investigate with the help of Nash and his reaper brother.

Kaylee Cavanaugh is a typical teenage girl, always excited, the kind that sneaks out of the house to go clubbing with her best friend Emma

Nash Hudson is an athlete and one of the most popular boys at school, a straightforward person, helped kaylee find her true self (also a banshee just like Kaylee)

Nash and Kaylee suspect that these kids who are dying and not supposed to, and they start to investigate and this path leads them to danger and to the powerful climax.

Rachel Vincent

  • Rachel vincent is an American author
  • She was born june 1978 in Oklahoma, United States and went to University of Central Oklahoma and she’s the oldest of 5 siblings
  • Rachel Vincent is the author of several series including the shifters, menagerie, The soul screamers, the star never rise, brave new girl and 100 hours.
  • She’s a former English teacher and champion of the Oxford comma and now lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two kids.

Compare and Contrast

  • Normally in Irish myths and the old legends, a banshee was always seen as female Irish fairies who can predict death, and their scream is their morning call. But in the book My Soul to Take, there was also a male banshee, Nash. He wasn’t like a typical banshee his powers were not as strong, but a male and female banshee together could potentially be really powerful.
  • Bean sidhe (female) – They scream when someone is dying, and suspend the soul in the air so it can’t move on to the afterlife.
  • Bean sidhe (male) – They hear the females’ screaming as singing, and can put souls back into the body in exchange for another’s life. They can also Influence people’s emotions.


The Irish Myths and Legends 3.5/5

My Soul to Take. 4/5


Inside a Criminals Mind

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog.

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So, we were supposed to be looking for careers that seem interesting to us, or occupations that we wanted to learn more about, you know, things like that. I found something called Criminologist, and I was very satisfied. Have you ever wanted to know what actually gives a person the courage to go and kill someone? What makes them think that ending someones life would be okay? If so, this is the career for you. Criminologists are basically people who study crimes and criminals to determine patterns. Patterns like, what triggers the killer in the person? What living conditions lead a person towards crime. They analyse and interpret human behavior in order to understand the minds of a criminal. If you were wondering, Criminologists spend most of their time in offices, board rooms and computers in order to analyze and evaluate information. Their job also consists of interacting with and providing information for law enforcement. This career seems perfect for people who want to learn more, for people who like to figure things out, problem solvers, and the pay is pretty good too, $73,241 P/A which is the average salary.

click here to find out more about the pay.

Main duties would include things like:

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  • Plan and conduct research to develop and test theories about societal issues such as crime, group relations, poverty, and aging.
  • Develop problem intervention procedures
  • utilizing techniques such as interviews, consultations, role playing, and participant observation of group interactions.
  • Develop approaches to the solution of groups’ problems, based on research findings in sociology

This job requires three main types of skills

  • Analytical Skills: to analyze data and interpret it based on your findings
  • Communications skills : You must be able to communicate with a variety  conducting interviews with people, collaborate with colleagues, and present research results.
  • Critical thinking skills : the ability to critically think about cases and draw logical conclusions
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Education is a must for almost all the careers out there to become a Criminologist you need a bachelor’s degree in criminology or other related social sciences and a master’s or doctoral degree in the discipline is usually required. You need to take psychology/anthropology to be aware of human behavior. To find out more about the education needed and where you can study this, click here.

6-Year-Olds on Facebook

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So, Facebook recently came up with this new app called Kids Messenger. It basically allows 6 -13 year olds to talk to each other, their friends, their parents and grandparents. This app is partially of controlled by the parents of the child, so they get to decide who their child can talk to and who they cant talk to, they completely control the contact list. From what I saw so far, this app seems like a mixture of Snapchat, Skype and messenger. You can video call with more than 1 person at a time, it allows you to use different filters  and you can also text one another using fun stickers and much more. This app doesn’t seem so bad, I would actually try it. According to Facebook, children can use this without a phone number, there wont be any ads or in-app purchases and once the child turns 13, Facebook will ask if you want to upgrade to the adult version of Facebook, seems pretty interesting.

Facebook says Messenger Kids will not display ads, nor collect data on kids for advertising purposes. Kids’ accounts will not automatically be rolled into Facebook accounts once they turn 13. –WEIRD

Via Pixabay: By cesarstrings

There’s actually something similar to this for kids. YouTube Kids, many people haven’t heard of this, I recently found out about it while doing some research about Messenger Kids. It’s simply YouTube, for kids; and for this app, YouTube had to remove hundreds of videos that would be bad for children. Anyways, going back to Messenger Kids. This app hasn’t been released in Canada yet, but was released in the US on Monday, December 4th.

In some ways this app can be seen as a good thing, but in other ways, not so good. At least now kids wont have to make accounts with fake ages, they can just use Messenger Kids. It can promote safe communication for kids with friends and family and since its controlled by an adult, their every move can be monitored to keep children safe. But now, children have more reasons to be all around technology. Giving little kids access to things like Facebook kids will impact their future with technology, mainly leading them to be addicted. What do you think about Messenger Kids?

Employment Skills

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Hi everyone, Today we’re gonna talk about employment, its actually a very interesting topic. You know the times when you have no idea what skills you need to get a job, doesn’t matter what job, just any job in general. Worry not, i’ll help with that.

Lets start with what employability skills are in the first place. They are basically qualities that you should or could have in order to work, just basic skills like communication, problem solving, planning and organizing, adapting well to situations, and efficiency in something. Basic qualities like these are very important in getting a job and these qualities are simple to get. Communication is key, without communication you cant really do anything. There are many skills and abilities that you can apply to a wide range of careers. These are skills you can get from volunteer work, your hobbies, or just simple work you do here and there, you would call them transferable skills.  Transferable skills are things like, leadership, time management and analytics. They include hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are teachable skills, so you can develop these skills through teachings, and are specific abilities which help people carry out different jobs. These would be things like computer programming, foreign language skills, typing, proofreading or even a degree in something would be considered a hard skill. Soft skills on the other hand are abilities you pick up through abilities, self- developed attributes. These are skills like problem solving, patience, team work.

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This leads to our next topic. What are the top skills employers are looking for? When you are getting  job, it doesn’t matter how big or little it is the top skill employers want is communication. Without the ability to communicate well with anyone, its really hard to do anything really. Other than that, the ability to analyse and sort information is really

important, this would show others that you can actually understand the information that is being given to you. Next, would be flexibility, which proves that you can adapt well to different situations and a changing environment. following that would be problem solving. It’s a basic skill that comes in handy almost all the time, no matter what you’re doing.

Lastly, you never know what skills you will need 5-10 years from now. Currently, there are careers and skills that most likely didn’t exist 10-15 years back. The world is now becoming very technology based and because of that, in the future being able to understand and properly use electronics is necessary. Children in the 21st century always complain about how people older than them don’t understand them. 10 years from now, thinking similar to the way the ‘younger’ audience thinks will be the greatest ability.

Computer Stimulated Life

Virtual Reality, the dictionary may define this as a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment, but I would say that its a completely different way of life. Using virtual reality we can go to places we normally wouldn’t be able to go to easily. I can go to the Caribbeans, or go to Dubai in just a matter of seconds. Not just that, virtual reality allows us to be younger in a different world. I can be 50 or 60 in real life, but in the world of virtual reality, I can be 20 years old.

Photo Credit: vrheadsets Flickr via Compfight cc

This amazing creation can also come in handy when it comes to medical uses. Using virtual reality, we can heal the human mind. It helps in depression, people who have anxiety:

“For a person who stutters, talking in front of an audience, for instance, can be an intimidating and heart-raising task,” said Walkom. “But with the growing availability of virtual reality technology, people could practice exposure therapy in ways previously unavailable to them from the comfort of their own home.”

Not just that, this can also be used for education and most amazingly, it can help teach people who are going into medicine and surgical fields. In my opinion this is the most beneficial factor about virtual reality. What’s a better way to learn than preforming the actual task yourself? Soon virtual reality will become very popular among people. It will most likely be used in education programs, businesses and just regular lives in general, but personally, I wouldn’t see it taking over actual reality. If this were to happen, then humans would stop interacting with one another, people would be sitting in their homes alone with their V.R glasses on and no one around them.

via Pexels by: Bradley Hook

One of the biggest confusions people have is between Virtual reality and Augmented reality. Virtual reality is basically a computer generated recreation life and is stimulated by the users hearing and sight. To experience this you would have to have a V.R headset, its like a combination of goggles and a helmet, you would put your phone in it and then go wherever in the would you want to go.  Augmented reality on the other hand, delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world. It gives a 3-D affect to things in real life using an electronic device. This would come in handy when you’re doing online shopping, this way you can see exactly how your new sofa would look in the living room, or what the perfect kitchen table for you kitchen should look like.

I think Virtual Reality is amazing. I would honestly love to go to a haunted house whenever I feel like it, or go cage diving with sharks when i’m bored.

To learn more about Augmented and Virtual Reality click here.

What do you think about virtual reality? Comment below!



Take A Stand

“I want to get rid of the Indian problem. I do not think as a matter of fact, that the country ought to continuously protect a class of people who are able to stand alone… Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic and there is no Indian question, and no Indian Department, that is the whole object of this Bill.” Dr. Duncan Campbell Scott – 1920

Welcome back! Today I’m going to be talking about something very important, something not many people understand fully. Residential schools “a special institutions for the Aboriginal peoples“, a way to kill the Indian in the child. Something shown as wonderful, safe and educational is actually the total opposite, children beaten, locked in dark basements, abused physically and emotionally. These innocent children from as young as 6 to 16 years of age did more labor work than homework, they were forced into the religion of the Europeans, stripped of their nationality, their individuality and their culture.

Photo Credit: floyd_wiebe Flickr via Compfight cc

Many people say “oh well it wasn’t even that bad” and that is where Truth and Reconciliation comes in. Acknowledge the truth, don’t deny it. To me, reconciliation means to heal, and put together something that was once broken. It means that we make a sincere effort to try make up for past injustices to the aboriginal people.

Residential schools were torture institutions where the children were beaten if they tried to be themselves, if they spoke their language, used their indigenous names, or even tried to communicate with their siblings. These things may not affect us directly, but indirectly everyone plays a role in the treatment of indigenous peoples. Yes, we could not have done anything in the past, but now we can. We can speak up and make a difference. Some people might say “well, I don’t care, it doesn’t have anything to do with me” but what if it did, what if instead of the First Nations peoples it was one of our groups in that state? What if we had to fight or our rights and freedoms like this and no one cared because they didn’t have anything to do with it?

Let me briefly explain what happened. A long time ago, when the Europeans decided to travel and settle in different places, they came to Canada. They took over all the land that belonged to the Aboriginal people and gave them little to no land to live on and make a living out of. The Europeans made tiny reserves far away from them to stuff the Indigenous people in because according to them, they were uneducated filthy people. Then came the treaties, something the Indigenous people thought is an agreement that will grant them education and basic human rights, land and freedom, but instead it gave them nothing but pain and contempt. Children were ripped from their parents forcefully and sent to these residential schools that they thought would probably educate their children. Little did they know about the reality. Siblings were sent to different schools so they wouldn’t be able to communicate with one another. Their braids were cut, and everything that tied them to their “Indian” side was taken from them. The goal of these schools was assimilation, take the Indian out of the child, turn them into Europeans, make them forget that they were ever aboriginal people. There was a story about this little girl who was so happy that she was going to school. Her mom bought her an orange shirt that she happily wore on her way to the residential school. When the little girl got to the school, he shirt was ripped away from her and she was put in a uniform that didn’t even fit properly. What she thought would be a wonderful place, was in reality a form of hell. down below is a story about another little girl whose life changed drastically due to residential schools.




Next Great Technologies

Compared to back in the 1900’s Technology is HUGE now. You would see almost every person with some sort of technology in their hands or even on them. From the first tools ever invented to the worlds largest tech companies We have advanced greatly in the world of technology.

In today’s world, people may ask “What is the next great technology?” This question has hundreds of different answers.

Going into the past, lets start with Google. Google, founded in 1998, is the worlds largest search engine, it literally has anything and everything you’re searching for, just type it in and google has the answer. In 2005, the first android was unveiled operated through google. It was the first google phone, a phone running Google’s Android OS.

Moving on into current times, Surgical Robotics, a.k.a The Da Vanci System, which in my opinion is incredible. The Da Vinci is basically a machine which operates on you, but, your surgeon is controlling it. It interprets the movements of the one whose controlling it into smaller, precise movements of tiny instruments inside your body.

iphone24italia Flickr via Compfight cc

Soon CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) will be in use by many people and we will have genetically modified humans. Through CRISPR-Cas9 we will be able to permanently modify genes within organisms. Now we can edit parts of the genome  by removing, adding or altering sections of the DNA  sequence. Via CRISPR doctors can eliminate a patients cancer by removing the cancer gene, develop new drugs, make designer babies, Create super plants and much more.

No one really knows what the next great technology will be. It could be anything, another great Iphone which has even more advanced things in it, the Iphone X has no charging port, God knows whats next. Or it could be a device that can see into the future, or something that can take you back in time. Maybe we will be able to clone humans or find a permanent cure to cancer or other incurable diseases.Whatever it is, it’s probably going to leave us all speechless.